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My experiences: Abu Dhabi

My experiences: Abu Dhabi

Ash Kirby is currently at school in Abu Dhabi. She gave Winter’s a 'top ten' list of what she likes about being at school there.

Ten things I like about school in Abu Dhabi:

1. The facilities, like the massive football pitch and the amazing science classrooms. We have an outdoor pool as well.

2. The view in the classrooms. At my school most classrooms have a sea view.

3. The subject options. For example, I can study Latin.

4. Class sizes - they are quite small so we usually have time with the teacher. There are about 12 students in each lesson.

5. We have prep time after school before we leave, it helps because we have such a long day and when we get home we just like to chill out.

6. Extra-curricular activities. There are lots of interesting options to choose from. This year I am helping out with junior rounders and doing web design.

7. The weather. Although it can get very hot, it’s never cold in the mornings!

8. We have really cool themed days like Star Wars day, Harry Potter day and Pi day. On our Pi day I had to memorise as much of Pi as I could and got to 64 decimal places!

9. Everything is new. This appeals to me a lot because it’s really fresh and clean.

10. The teachers are keen and they will always try to get the best results from you. Also, they are really approachable and sometimes sit with the students at lunch.

Main image showing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, courtesy of iStock.

Other images courtesy of Cliff Kirby.

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