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Q+A: Cambridge International School, UK

Q+A: Cambridge International School, UK

Cambridge International School, founded in 2006, provides an English National Curriculum education for students aged 3 to 16. Here the school answers our questions and takes us on a tour...

What happens when parents visit the school?

Parents are welcomed by our Registrar and Head of School. They discuss how CIS can meet their child’s needs, and this is followed by a tour of the school, where they explore our teaching facilities, discover our wide range of subjects and learn about our exciting curriculum and enriching extra-curricular activities.

What assessments are required to enrol?

We are a proudly non-selective school, catering for a range of different academic levels.

Why should I send my child to your school?

Our school provides a unique learning experience, where the individual talents of each and every pupil are nurtured. These talents are cultivated through the creation of a happy and inspiring environment that combines traditional values with an ambitious, internationally focussed and caring approach to learning. Class sizes are small and teaching is personalised to the individual. We equip our pupils with a cultivating set of skills, creating independent thinkers, who have the ability to contribute to the wider world.

What do you do to help children settle in?

We offer children a taster day before they start with us and on arrival, they are paired up with a buddy who takes them through the school day. Pastoral care is a great strength of the school; pupils as well as teachers are adept at making new students feel welcome, and support them in adjusting quickly to their new school.

How have you adapted the curriculum to suit your location/country?

The curriculum makes the most of the rich offerings of Cambridge, London and the South East, whilst covering non-UK specific topics to better reflect our international nature.

What languages do you offer?

Spanish is taught from Nursery and French from Juniors onwards. Mandarin is offered from Reception to Year 6 and German is available from Year 7.

What is your approach to languages in the school?

We value the diversity created by pupils from around the globe. Languages are actively celebrated and encouraged in the classroom and around the whole school. We hold a language day and regularly have language competitions to help pupils learn and develop.

Do you have a mother-tongue programme?

Our Mother-Tongue programme offers small group and 1:1 tuition by native speakers in at least 12 different languages.

Do you have an English as an additional language (EAL) programme?

We have a strong EAL programme with qualified EAL teachers, dedicated to supporting the pupils’ specific needs.

Are there any residential trips throughout the year?

Junior and Senior school pupils participate in residential trips in the UK and internationally. Examples include Grafham Water, Iceland and New York.

Do you offer the Duke of Edinburgh Awards?

Pupils can complete the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards with us.

Do you arrange for guest speakers, such as authors and experts to come to the school?

We have regular visits from guest speakers and authors, who have included Laura Robson-Brown, author of the Fitz and Will books, and award-winning Singaporean poet, Amanda Chong.

What links do you have with other schools?

We are part of the International Schools Partnership with partner schools in Spain, Mexico, the UAE and Qatar. We enjoy sporting links with independent and state schools in the Cambridge area.

Does your school fundraise for charity?

CIS students proudly raise money for Jimmy’s Night Shelter and the Kasiisi Porridge Project in Uganda. On an annual basis the students raise money for Comic Relief and Sport Relief.

Does the school provide after-school care?

The school offers before- and after-school care from 8am and until 5.30pm at our Primary School and until 5pm at our Senior School.

How do you tackle bullying?

The school actively promotes a culture of respect for others and addresses bullying proactively through assemblies, PSHE sessions and the nurturing of others. Reports of bullying are acted upon immediately, and resolved quickly in consultation with the pupils concerned and their parents.

 All images courtesy of Cambridge International School.

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