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Q+A: Repton School Dubai

Q+A: Repton School Dubai

Repton School in Dubai, a day and boarding school for pupils aged three to 18 years, answers our questions and takes us on a virtual tour...

What happens when prospective parents visit Repton School Dubai?

We offer bespoke school tours highlighting our outstanding teaching and our extensive campus. For parents interested in the Senior School, a senior pupil will conduct the tour, giving the parents a unique perspective and insight into life at Repton. A member of the Admissions team is also on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

In addition to school tours, we hold several open days a year for prospective parents to have an opportunity to interact with senior leaders within the school, visit the campus and meet with current parents.

Which assessments are required to enrol?

Repton is an academically selective school and all children considered for a place are assessed. The intention of the assessment process is to evaluate a child’s potential for future success. We look at behaviour, attitude and character. The assessment process is carefully designed to be a fair measure of a child’s ability in a number of areas. All assessments are age appropriate.

What do you do to help the children settle in?

We hold “Welcome Meetings” for new pupils and parents. Each class teacher ensures pupils are settled and supported by the experienced pastoral team.

How have you adapted the curriculum to suit your location/country?

The curriculum is carefully planned, adapted and personalised to suit the interests of the pupils at our school. Our curriculum also supports and promotes the cultural diversity of the UAE. We teach UAE Social Studies and Arabic to support the pupils' understanding of the country they live in. We also hold various cultural events such as National Day and International Day.

How do you encourage enquiry-based learning?

Teachers use open-ended questions to encourage children to think critically and to explore possible answers to solutions. In subjects like Mathematics, problem solving plays a huge role in children evaluating and looking into possible solutions.  Planning for critical thinking is core in the delivery of lessons, ensuring the cultivation of a ‘thinking and questioning’ culture. Outside learning is promoted through the use of our extraordinary facilities within the School, in addition to curriculum enhancements. This includes field-study opportunities and visits for children to question and deepen their learning.

How have your pupils performed in examinations in recent years?

In recent years, our Senior School pupils have performed above the world average for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, scoring 4 points above the world average in 2015 and 2016. Our highest performers achieved 42 points out of 45. Many of our pupils have gone on to the world’s top universities.

Our Junior School pupils have scored well above the international average in the international tests (TIMSS – Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and PIRLS – Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) for Mathematics, Science and Reading.

What links do you have with other schools?

Repton School Dubai is part of a family of schools including Repton School in the UK, Repton School in Abu Dhabi and Foremarke School in Dubai. Repton School Dubai is closely linked to Repton School in the UK, which was founded in 1557. Repton School’s 460-year history has enabled it to develop into a mature and effective school. We are fortunate to draw on the educational knowledge and expertise of Repton School, UK, and to amalgamate the very best of the new with the very best of the British educational system. The links between the schools are strong and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Which sports facilities do you have on site?

We have a large staff of Physical Education and Sports teachers and we boast impressive sports facilities including football pitches, tennis courts, three swimming pools, basketball and netball court, cricket pitch and indoor sports halls.

Are there any residential trips throughout the year?

We offer a wide range of residential trips for our pupils including various outdoor activity camps across the UAE, ski trips and the UK sports tour. There are class day trips in the Junior School, and the Senior School offers international trips to support the curriculum.

How can parents get involved?

There are lots of opportunities for parents to be involved in school life. We encourage parents to join us for social events, music concerts, inter-house sporting events, swimming galas, drama productions and cultural celebrations such as the UAE National Day. The school also holds a number of parent-teacher evenings throughout the year to update parents on their children’s progress. Parents are encouraged to share their views, which are used in our constant cycle of school improvements.

Does the school provide after-school care or a homework club?

Repton offers a range of school-led extra-curricular activities including a homework club for the Prep School. The school also offers after-school care for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage with older siblings at the school.

Do you have a ‘house’ system?

Repton operates a traditional British house system. There are eight houses, with names and colours derived from Repton UK with a touch of ‘local flavour’. These are School, Dahl, Foremarke, Orchard, Brook, Latham, New and Jumeirah House. Every pupil is assigned to a house for the duration of their time at Repton School. We endeavour to keep siblings/family members in the same house. The house system provides opportunities for house sports competitions and the house merit and award system.

Do you arrange for guest speakers, such as authors and experts to come to the school?

Repton attracts numerous guest speakers including authors and famous sports professionals on an annual basis. We also invite parents to deliver talks on their career to pique the interest of the pupils in various future job opportunities.

What leisure opportunities are available for children who are boarding? 

All boarders partake in the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) programme thrice weekly, and this is available to all students. Spending so much time on campus allows full participation in ECA, as well as more informal boarder activities, such as football or basketball matches. The boarders have access to the swimming pools, and all members of the house staff are qualified to supervise. Boarders also go on trips to local malls and attractions during the weekend.

Do you offer the Duke of Edinburgh Awards?

Yes, we offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award to our Senior School pupils. This is undertaken on a weekly basis, covering a variety of expeditions during the weekends.

How important is Music and the Arts in your school?

Music and the Arts are a priority, alongside sports, with ample music lessons on offer to pupils. Weekly concerts are held in the Rathbone Round at lunchtime and musical events regularly take place, with invitations extended to parents to come and listen.

Our Music and Art facilities truly reflect the emphasis we place on the importance of both arts. The Music Department is spacious and well equipped for class music, for individual instrumental and singing teaching, and for ensemble rehearsals. Our pupils are also encouraged to take part in drama productions.

Senior School pupils enjoy the benefit of the Mac Lab, which is equipped with 22 Apple Macs, and Junior School pupils benefit from a comprehensive range of classroom instruments. Repton School also has specialist Art studios and teachers.

How do you support pupils who are struggling and how do you challenge the more able?

At the start of the academic year, we complete a series of assessments and diagnostic tests that help form a baseline of the pupil’s level in addition to the pupil’s level in relation to the average range for their respective year group. Should a pupil be identified as lower than the average for the respective year group, our priority is to ensure we can support actively in closing this gap.

For gifted pupils, differentiation is used in the classroom to extend intellectual capacity and to provide a bespoke opportunity to ‘master’ skills. The Enterprise and ECA programmes have set times for gifted and talented pupils.

How do you tackle bullying?

Repton School follows a strict anti-bullying policy. Class teachers ensure pupils are happy and safe. Our experienced pastoral team meets with parents and pupils to resolve and advise on pastoral matters – an “open door” or “drop in” policy is encouraged for both concerned parents and pupils. There is a close liaison between the pastoral care teams in the Junior School and Senior School and the school doctor and head nurse with regard to Health and Welfare issues.

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