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Q+A: Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

Q+A: Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok, Thailand, provides an inspirational English language education for students aged 3 to 18 years. Here the school answers our questions and takes us on a virtual tour..

What happens when prospective parents visit the school?

This is one of the most important steps in choosing a school, which is why we offer all potential parents an individual school tour (usually pre-booked) that is designed to suit their needs. We strongly recommend that school tours are scheduled to take place during term time, when parents can observe a typical school day in progress and get a true sense of what our school is like.  

Our school tour is designed to take families on a learning journey that would correspond to your own child’s age. You would visit the classrooms, witness our exceptional teachers in action, observe the high quality of work on display and in exercise books, and if appropriate and where time allows, talk to some of the staff.

The tours take in the wonderful amenities on site, such as the library which houses 40,000 publications (supplemented by a vast catalogue of electronic learning resources), IT suites, our three swimming pools, a gymnasium, two sports fields, a running track, three tennis courts, three outdoor playgrounds, a professional dance studio, a recital hall and a 650-seat auditorium.

As you undertake the tour, our admissions staff will answer any questions you may have. Depending on availability, there may also be an opportunity to meet with one of the school leaders and some of the other staff who may be involved in your own child’s learning.

To book a school tour, please go to the school’s Winter’s profile here for contact details.

What assessments are required to enrol?

Shrewsbury International School is a selective school. We assess all the children with great care to ensure that they will thrive in our environment.

The assessment process and selection criteria vary according to the age of the child and the entry point into the school. The marking of all test papers (Y3 to Y13) is undertaken by a team of trained teachers.

To help gather as much information as possible about each individual child, each applicant is required to submit their latest school report.

How old is the school?

Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok opened in 2003, and is the first international sister school of Shrewsbury School in the UK (which dates back to 1552). Since 2003, we have established an excellent track record, not only as one of the top-performing academic schools in the region but also a particular reputation in the performing and creative arts.

How many students do you have?

We provide an education for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years. Our current student roll is 1,620 students.

What curriculum do you follow

The school follows the National Curriculum of England, adapted for our international learning community. Our students develop a real passion for learning and graduate with internationally recognised IGCSE and A-level qualifications, which provide the gateway to the world’s leading universities and colleges, including the elite Ivy League and Oxbridge universities.

What is the teaching programme in your Sixth Form?

The transition into Sixth Form learning is an exciting time as the Y12 and Y13s embark on the next phase of their academic journey.

The A-level curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers who are highly experienced in ensuring that each and every student achieves their very best.

We generally expect the students to take four A-level subjects initially and continue to study them to A-level standard. However, in some circumstances it may be possible to discontinue studying one subject after one year and devote more time to the three remaining subjects.

Further compulsory elements include Sixth Form Studies and our bespoke “Reading the World” programme, that aid our students by developing a number of key skills, such as their creative and critical thinking, inter-personal skills, confidence and independent research and reading abilities. These are key skills which universities are looking for in applications, and which allow our graduates to thrive in Higher Education and in their professional careers.

How have your pupils performed in examinations in recent years?

Shrewsbury International School consistently sets the benchmark in Thailand when it comes to public examination results.

In 2016, 73% of IGCSE exams scored A* or A grade (vs 21% average for all UK schools), with 45% of exams achieving the top A* grade; a record for Shrewsbury and seven times higher than the UK average.

Nearly one quarter of all students achieved seven or more A* grades.

At A-level, 61% of exams scored A* or A grade (vs 26% average for all UK schools) and 35% of all exams achieved the top A* grade; another improvement from the previous year and more than four times higher than the UK average.

These results rank the school above many of the best-performing independent schools in the UK; especially impressive given that they have been achieved by students for whom English is typically not the first language.

Does the school provide extra-curricular activities?

Yes, we provide an extensive range of over 250 extra activities to students in Year 1 and above. Activities are delivered by our own staff and external specialist providers

The Extra Curricular Programme, known as “You-Time!”, is a hugely important part of school life, allowing students to explore their passions outside the classroom, and in doing so, develop important skills such as communication and teamwork, which serve to compliment their academic studies. 

What facilities do you offer?

Shrewsbury enjoys a stunning city-centre location on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The school is of a contemporary design and the students benefit from some superb modern classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities.

Students throughout the school also have access to the latest learning techniques and technologies, including separate Mac suites, IT rooms, iPads and other portable devices.

Our campus has extensive sporting and performing arts facilities (see above, 'Introduction, school visits').

Is there a school bus service?

Shrewsbury uses an experienced bus-service provider (Montri Bus Company) which organises a wide range of pick-up points across the school's catchment area in Bangkok. Buses start early in order to arrive at school by 7.30am and depart at both 2.40pm and 3.45pm in the afternoon.

Do you have a wide range of food options?

All students are provided with all their meal requirements during the school day. On offer daily during lunch times is a wide selection of Asian, western and vegetarian options. The children are encouraged to select a balanced and nutritious meal. All food is cooked on-site each day.

For the safety of children who have serious allergies (e.g. to dairy, wheat or nuts) we do not allow any food to be brought into school from home. Our school is a nut-free environment.

 All images courtesy of Shrewsbury International School

Please go to this link to view Shrewsbury International School's profile on Winter's.

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