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The child passport: how does it help you?

The child passport: how does it help you?

The child passport is a unique feature of the Winter’s site. But how does it help you in your search for the right school?


How can you keep things simple?

The process of finding the right school can be very complicated and time-consuming, and then once you’ve found a school you like, the process of enquiry and application can present more hurdles.

Sending initial enquiries to a range of schools can be very involved, because each school will handle this process slightly differently. You’ll find yourself having to organise the same information in different ways, or collect different pieces of information depending on the school’s requirements – and with each school a to-and-fro process can make things even more complicated.

Winter’s aims to support you throughout the journey of finding the right school, from giving you all the best information about schools in the country you’re moving to in our detailed school profiles, to providing a rich library of advice and information to help you make that final decision.

The child passport is a crucial part of the support that we can give you, but how does it work, and how does it help to simplify the task you’re facing?

How the child passport can help you

The child passport is one standard enquiry form that you can send to all the schools that you’re interested in. It’s very quick to complete, and it means that you can:

  • Search for schools that match all your criteria at the click of a button.
  • Give Winter’s schools exactly the information they want, in exactly the form they want.
  • Get in touch with schools from one place, the Winter’s site, and keep track of all your enquiries more easily.

You can register to join Winter’s and see what the child passport has to offer here.

As you’ll see, the passport collects a straightforward set of information which will be the same for all your enquiries to Winter’s schools. Some of it is simple data like your child’s date of birth, your preferred school start date, and other things like this. But there are also some places where you can go to town a bit, and give the school information about things like the extra-curricular activities or the sports your child enjoys.

You can attach reports to give the school more in-depth information about your child, and then last of all there’s a place for a personal statement.

The child passport doesn’t replace the detailed process that you’ll need to go through once you’ve chosen a school – the communication that you’ll have, the application process. But what it does is make that first enquiry a lot simpler. It means you know the school has a good basic grasp of your needs and will be able to match this against the places they have available. It stops you from having all the complications of initial emails, phone calls that are inconclusive, and so on.

It’s also completely free!

You can try it right now.

Or for more information about all the different things you might want to think about as you begin searching for the right school, have a look at our article about choosing a school

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