We had the immense privilege to welcome Holocaust witness and survivor, Liliana Segre to ASM in October 2017. In a rare personal appearance, Mrs. Segre shared her powerful story with upper school Italian students, many of whom had read her books, and other members of our community. By sharing her story, she hopes to prevent this type of suffering from ever happening again.

During her presentation, Mrs. Segre recounted her deportation from Milan to the Auschwitz concentration camp and her extraordinary suffering while there. Aside from her horrific past, she passed on a very strong message to our students: Always Choose Life. Despite her suffering and unfair past, her resilience and strength helped her to lead a fulfilling life after the war. We thank Mrs. Segre for sharing her story with our community -- it made a huge impact on everyone who attended. Her presentation was made possible through the ASM Fund for Excellence and Italian Department.