There was great excitement on campus this morning as the whole school undertook a rather special practice fire evacuation. The exercise was different to normal drills in that it included officials from the Civil Defense Station who brought a number of emergency vehicles on-site including ambulances and fire engines.

The scenario included a member of staff acting as a pretend casualty to test our ability to respond to a crisis situation. When the alarm sounded, Mr Al Amri from the Admissions Department remained in the building instead of joining his colleagues on the field. He was then reported missing as part of the procedure and officials returned to the building to look for him. He was quickly and successfully located, put on a stretcher and 'saved'! The Civil Defense team kindly invested some time before and after the drill showing pupils the vehicles and letting them try on the protective head gear. Feedback at the end of the exercise was extremely positive with our liaison officer indicating that it was the best drill they have seen. We are very proud that our Health and Safety procedures are in such good shape.