Our youngest learners from FS1 rounded off their animal topic today with a visit from ‘Posh Paws’, the Dubai-based animal sanctuary. Each class got the chance to see and learn about different animals as well as touch, hold and feed them.

In preparation for the day, the children thought about the things they would like to find out about pet animals and came up with a list of questions. Some children had the opportunity to ask these questions during the experience, such as: 'How many times a day do you need to brush a dog?'; 'Do you need to brush a cat?'; 'What type of food does a tortoise eat?' and, 'Do peacocks drink water?' The animals ranged from pets (a dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a tortoise, a parrot and a hamster) to animals found on the farm (a pygmy goat, a ferret, ducks and chickens) and were all very friendly. The special guest, which fascinated the children and petrified the teachers, was a baby python who turned out to be surprisingly 'cuddly'.