Much fun and excitement was had in FS1 today during our 'Great Humpty Egg Drop'. In preparation for this annual experiment, the FS1 children have been working hard all week at home with their parents to protect their eggs. They had a wonderful morning showcasing their work to their fellow class mates and explaining why they thought their egg would not break.

Some had chosen to use sponges, balloons, pom poms, toilet roll and even popcorn, in an attempt to protect their eggs from cracking during the drop. After this circle time session, the children then took their wonderful creations out into the playground for the ultimate test. They made a prediction as to whether or not their eggs would survive the fall and then pushed them from a height to test their predictions. We had a few cracks in each class, but it was all part of the learning process and the children thoroughly enjoyed watching each other’s experiments being tested.