1. At what battle did the US sink 4 Japanese aircraft carriers in 1942? 2. Which Scandinavian country’s flag, known as the dannebrog, is the oldest national flag? 3.Whose nicknames included ‘The Iron Lady’ and ‘The Milk Snatcher’?

These were just three of the many questions encountered by our pupils at the History Bee and Bowl hosted by Brighton College. How did you fare? Luckily for us, our pupils knew the answers! Buzzers were the order of the day as teams of four competed against each other in various quizzes, attempting to buzz in their answer before the opposing team. The questions covered all eras of history, from ancient Egypt until the present day and included customary social, political and military history as well as history of the arts, sciences, religion, philosophy, language, geography, and even a bit of the history of sports and entertainment. Once again, our Cranleighans rose to the challenge and exceeded our highest expectations to become champions in both categories we entered: Junior Varsity and Middle School. In fact, the final of the Middle School division was between two Cranleigh teams with the Year 8 narrowly beating the Year 9 team in a nail biting final. Although all of our twenty one students did extremely well, a special mention should be given to Ali Macun (Year 8) for winning the individual bee competition. Overall, we were thrilled with the results and with the attitude and commitment shown by all of the students. *answers: 1) Midway 2) Denmark 3) Margaret Thatcher