Prep School pupils have started this term swimmingly, diving into their Moral Education: Learning for Life lessons every Thursday. From tolerance in Year 3 to equality in Year 4, pupils don’t just learn about these values but ensure they are putting them into practice into their school routines and daily communication with one another.

Year 5 pupils are ensuring they are empathetic through learning about compassion, while Year 6s are leading the way through exploring responsibility. As they head towards the top of the Prep School, it is important that Year7s focus on equality to compliment the Cranleigh Code values of inclusivity and individuality. Year 8 pupils have had a great start to this academic year and are preparing for roles of responsibility through learning about moral duties and making good decisions. “Our Moral Education: Learning for Life Programme provides more than just lessons; it establishes a way of life for our young learners., says Natassja Williams, Deputy Head Pastoral, Prep School