Interviews started this week for Year 5 and 6 Leaders as well as for Year 6 Librarians. These roles will prepare the children well for other leadership roles that will be available later on in their Prep School career.

A Leader will work with the Year 3 and 4 children in their playground, managing games, looking out for children who need a friend and developing a positive playground climate. Year 6 Librarians will work alongside Mrs McGougan in the library. Not only have the children had to submit a gruelling application they have also been interviewed by Mrs Tinkler, Miss Oliver and Mrs McGougan. The children had to define what this role means to them and our school community. Furthermore, they had to answer some very challenging scenario questions! The calibre of the answers given have been outstanding so far and there will be some tricky deliberations made over the coming days. The new leadership roles will be announced on Monday 9th October in our Prep School Assembly.