The United Nations provides a vital platform for delegates from all countries to debate key issues in an attempt to reach decisions that aim to provide a stable environment for the resolution of conflict and progress with humanitarian issues. The Change the World MUN mirrors this by engaging young people in the real life processes and setting challenging scenarios based on real life events.

On the weekend of 9th-11th November, 24 Cranleigh students from Years 8 and 9 and a single dedicated Year 11 student travelled the short distance to NYUAD to enter the adult world of politics, diplomacy and bargaining. Their mission was to determine the outcomes of discussion ranging from nuclear and cyber terrorism to dealing with a crisis off the coast of Iran. After two intense days of debate, where every student contributed points based on position papers, reached agreement over press releases and passed a number of resolutions successfully, the tired delegates proceeded to the closing ceremony to listen to talks and feedback from the event organisers. There was delight as our students came away with many of the top prizes. Samy Bouarroudj and Max Podolsky were named as the best delegation from over 50 countries, representing Egypt in the High School Atomic Energy Agency. Caleb Patell won the best delegate award on the High School Security Council for representing The Russian Federation, whilst Akio Shirali and Saaim Bajwa gained an honorable mention for representing Japan. Although she did not gain the official award for best delegate in her committee, Esha Saigal did win the accolade from the votes of her fellow delegates as she more than held her own as a 16 year-old amongst University students whilst representing China. All of the students who took part deserve applause for the way in which they represented the school and a special thank you goes to the supportive parents who spear-headed the enterprise and especially Mrs Saigal, for acting as a chaperone throughout the event.