At Cranleigh we believe our pupils are never too young to take on roles of responsibility and to personify the Cranleigh Code values. The Pre-Prep Listeners are Year 2 pupils selected by their classes as children who consistently bring our values to life.

Cranleigh Listener's role is to attend the Foundation Stage playtimes ensuring that all of their younger peers have friends to play with while role-modelling respectful and kind play. In turn, special relationships across the year groups are formed and nurtured. The Pre-Prep Listeners work closely with the Deputy Head of Pre Prep and are well-trained for their valuable role. Congratulations to these children who were announced as this term’s Pre Prep Listeners.​ House Captains in Pre-Prep have the very important job of rallying behind their houses, leading with enthusiasm and encouraging the members of their house to be the best that they can be. Pupils who were interested in this coveted role prepared and delivered a speech outlining why they believed they had what it takes to lead. They display fair-play attributes and model this consistently during the numerous house competitions held throughout the year in Pre-Prep. Well done to these children who did a superb job of delivering a speech to the House Masters to secure their position. The House Masters were extremely proud of all of the children who put themselves forward for the role.