Year 6 pupils took over the Senior School Atrium today with some delicious but dangerous plate tectonic cake models! This was an extension task, part of their recent Humanities Prep, and it is safe to say it was very popular. There was an array of incredibly innovative designs including spherical global structures and dissected layers of the earth, all of which were decorated with tasty toppings.

This year the children were asked to illustrate their models-making process through photographic evidence and include detailed labels to clearly explain the technical side of what their creations showcased. It was only right that the children got chance to sample their work, however they had to complete a detailed evaluation of their peers' models in order to receive a plate! Mr Kenworthy, Ms De Lee and Mr Hay spent a long time deliberating and tasting the cakes in order to come to a decision. The winning models will be announced in our Prep School Assembly.