Year 9 pupils were privileged to spend part of their recent half term break enjoying an eco-trip on Sir Bani Yas, which is an 87 square kilometre island about four hours drive from Abu Dhabi.

Sir Bani Yas was established as a wildlife reserve in 1971 by Sheikh Zayed and it has already saved at least three animal species. The island is home to an array of wildlife from those native to the UAE such as the Arabian oryx and the Arabian mountain gazelle, to other animals including cheetahs and giraffes. Year 9 pupil Allison said: "The guides focused on teaching us about the conservation efforts on the island as well as its culture and history as a home to different peoples such as Christian Monks from 700BC, and the Sir Bani Yas Tribe in the 19th and 20th centuries. We also learned about the late Sheikh Zayed and his passion for the welfare of vulnerable animals. "I really enjoyed the trip, as it was an entirely new experience for me. It was both educational and fun with lots of activities on offer from the safari drive to archery and planting mangroves." Year 9 student Beatrice has been fine-tuning her film footage from the recent Eco-Trip to Sir Bani Yas and has produced this lovely three-minute piece. Enjoy!