International Community School (Singapore)

Singapore, Singapore

WE ARE ICS. 450+ students from 20+ countries make up our school of K4-12th graders.
OUR MISSION. Educating minds and transforming lives to impact the world for the glory of God
OUR VISION. Every student, Every family, Every day for Christ.

Come be part of the ICS experience.

School type:



  • Day
  • Flexi Boarding
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Full Boarding


  • American Curriculum


Eric Alfrey

Job title:

Admissions Director

Accreditations and memberships:

  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Network of International Christian Schools
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Contacting a school with a completed passport for your child ensures that the school receives the information they need which may assist in your application.


There is so much we could say about this school and not only WHAT we do, but WHY we do what we do. I hope this video gives you a clearer glimpse of the heart of ICS.

We Are ICS

Senior management

Mr. John Kennedy - Director

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School description

We are a Christian school. The fact that ICS is a Christian school positively affects every area of your child's education. Our teachers view each child as a unique individual created by God, and thus, seek to understand and love each one. We take seriously our responsibility to teach, encourage, and guide our students.
We are an international school. Over 26 nationalities make up our campus of 440+ students. We instill in each student a love and respect for people of all cultures through everyday interactions, as well as through our local and international community service programs.
We use an American curriculum. 80% of our graduates attend US universities. According to our annual alumni survey, our graduates feel well-equipped for the rigors of university academics and the skills necessary to achieve success in whatever field of study they choose. As an Advanced Placement school, we believe one of the greatest benefits our program offers our students is its flexibility in requirements to work with the individual student's needs, dreams, gifts, and abilities.


Class sizes

Primary average class size:


Secondary average class size:


Primary teacher/pupil ratio:

10 : 1

Secondary teacher/pupil ratio:

15 : 1

Term dates

  • 2016/2017
  • 10/08/16 - 16/12/16
  • 10/01/17 - 31/05/17

Academic information

Curriculum followed:

  • American Curriculum

Sports and extra-curricular activities


Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Country
Our teams include: Varsity, Junior Varsity, U-8 - U14, and Club Sports

Extra-curricular activities:

Lego Club, Reading Club, Board Games, Robotics, Ceramics, Dance, Jump-rope, Kickboxing, Bowling, Typography, Cello, Taekwondo, Guitar, Basketball Skills, T-ball Club
We encourage our students to pursue passions beyond the classroom to develop their interests and become more well-rounded


Admission process:

Our admissions process will walk you and your family through 5 steps: Inquiry, Application, Assessment (Math, Reading, & Writing for most grades), Evaluation, and Admission. For more information, please see our admissions page on our website.

Admission and language criteria:

- Results of the language assessment skill test - Report cards and/or transcripts from previous school - Results of the Math, Reading and Writing assessments - Recommendation from previous school staff and faculty

Access specimen exam paper:


Bursaries and scholarships


The ICS Parent Teacher Fellowship offers a scholarship to a student of the graduating class for post-graduate studies.


ICS offers tuition assistance to full-time missionaries, pastors and vocational Christian workers.

Fees (Annual)



Junior Day:


Secondary Day:


Sixth form:




Eric Alfrey

Job title:

Admissions Director

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27A Jubilee Road



Post/Zip Code:



+65 6776 7436

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