Students were also able to share their ideas and learn about the research of other students from Japan, Singapore, and Canada. Following the proceedings, students assisted to a 1-hour presentation by Nobel Prize winner Professor Makoto Kobayashi on Particle Physics.

Here is a breakdown of our student's topics: Isaac Burkhalter: An Investigation of Newton's Cradle: The Decay of the Height Displacement of an End Ball with Time (poster). Kiho Khorana: An investigation of the relationship between the angle of inclination of a ramp and the velocity of the ball that rolls down it (poster). Gwangi Kim: The correlation between the polarity of binary solutions and the paper chromatography (poster) Miyu Shu: Antimicrobial Properties of Japanese Coins (poster). Ayumu Nishimura: An investigation on the antimicrobial properties of tea and potential associated benefits on oral hygiene (presentation).