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With extensive experience in international education, Winter's CEO Elaine Stallard recognised that there was no single, authoritative source of information and help for parents moving abroad with their children. Often they had to rely on Google, out-of-date information and time-consuming enquiries with schools, before they could even be sure that they were making the choice that was right for their family.

Winter's aims to take the stress out of finding the perfect school for your child.

About Winter's Video

Elaine Stallard - Winter's CEO

Elaine Stallard - CEO

Elaine's experience in the international education sector led her to recognise the pressing need for an online global comparison tool for international schools.

Elaine has worked at the highest levels in the public and private sectors as an advisor, negotiator and strategist. She is recognised within the International Education sector for her work in establishing Sherborne Qatar. Her advice and negotiating skills have been used by many schools setting up international branches outside their home countries.

Brian Dennehy - Director of Sales and Marketing

 Brian joined the Winter's team in 2016 and has over 25 years sales and marketing experience, with over 10 years specialising in Digital Marketing.

Brian is Google certified and is responsible for ensuring the maximum number of parents see the Winter's school profiles.

Graham Dell - Digital Consultant

Graham Dell - Digital Consultant

Graham is Winter's Digital Consultant covering aspects of technical build and online marketing.  With 20 years experience in the digital industry Graham has worked for several agencies in development, project management, usability and marketing capacities.

He has worked on global accounts for organisations such as Vodafone, Nissan, Kenwood, Nike and Barclays.

Nick Jones - Editor

Nick is Winter's Editor, looking after all the content on our website and making sure we get our apostrophes in the right places. He's working with his team of editors, consultants and writers to build the best possible range of articles and other resources for the parent looking to move their children abroad.

Nick's background is in publishing. He's worked for the BBC, Pearson and Bloomsbury Publishing among others.

Nick Jones - Editor

Carolyn Savage - Head of International Education

Carolyn Savage - Head of International Education

Carolyn joined the Winter's team in 2016. She works closely with the CEO and the international account managers to maintain the educational integrity of the Winter's site.

Carolyn returned to the UK in 2015, after 15 years working overseas as a primary class teacher and whole-school EAL specialist. She has worked in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Qatar and Cambodia, with a variety of curricula, including the UK National Curriculum, PYP and IPC.

David Shaw - Operations Director

David is the Winter’s Operations Director, ensuring our Wiltshire headquarters is ticking along smoothly.

With a long experience in managing operations in the telecoms and customer service industries, David knows exactly how to run a global office where incoming and outgoing communications are a primary requirement.