Use Winter’s expanding range of advice and information, developed with parents, teachers and industry experts, to help you make the right decision.

Essential information

All the key information you need to understand the choices that you've got, and to navigate your course through the wealth of data in our schools directory.

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Choosing a school

Winter’s supports you with articles and guidance about all the questions you’ll face in your search for the right school. Read about the experiences of other parents, check in-depth advice about the special problems that concern you – and a lot more…

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International education

This is your briefing on schools around the world. Give yourself the background knowledge that will inform your choices and help you make decisions with a confident mind. Read about different kinds of schools, find out what head teachers are thinking and consult our expanding series of country guides.

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School Q+As

Explore the new Q+As that we're creating with our member schools...

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