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My experiences: Saudi Arabia

My experiences: Saudi Arabia

Ash Kirby, a secondary school student, spent six years at school in Saudi Arabia.  She remembers the most exciting experiences she had there and tells us what made a lasting impact.

My most memorable experiences at school in Saudi Arabia:

1. Representing my school in a BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) football tournament in Years 6 and 7. These were held in Bahrain and we usually won!

2. Doing the annual school walk-a-thon to raise money for a school in Kenya which we had been working with for a long time.

3. In Year 6, being pushed by my teacher to do my very best in English. This was hard at the time, but has shaped my work ethic today.

4. When I first arrived at the school, there was a shoe and hat policy where you could wear any shoes or hats. This was changed later on, but at first I could wear colourful trainers and a cool fedora.

Joy at winning in Bahrain

Joy at winning in Bahrain

Visiting Nepal

Visiting Nepal

A remote Saudi fort

A remote Saudi fort

5. There was a school shop which sold bouncy balls and other little toys and my friends and I used to spend most of our lunch money on them.

6. Getting my first essay back. There was lots of constructive criticism. I didn’t like this at the time, but now I appreciate it.

7. Getting to go on a trip to Nepal to help schools there (In Year 7). This was an amazing life experience and I have lots of good memories from it.

8. My head teacher was really friendly. I went on three school tours with him and he was really nice.

9. Instead of snow days, we had rain days. Whenever there was fear of flooding, the school would get shut down for days.

10. We had virtual school days twice a year (to prepare for occasional emergency shut downs because of bad weather or security problems), and we got to do class work at home in our pyjamas doing our lessons online!

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