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Q+A: Dubai British Foundation

Q+A: Dubai British Foundation

Dubai British Foundation School answers our questions and gives Winter's readers a virtual tour...

What happens when parents visit the school?

All prospective parents will meet the admissions manager and have a tour of the school. We recommend parents to book an appointment prior to their visit.

How old is the school?

DBF opened in September 2014.

How many students do you have?

We are at full capacity with 308 students.

What assessments are required to enrol?

We conduct one-to-one play-based assessments with the Principal.

What facilities do you offer?

  • a large, multi-purpose indoor hall
  • state-of-the-art classrooms with access to shaded outdoor learning spaces
  • a specialist music room
  • a specialist language room
  • an outdoor, fully shaded swimming pool
  • indoor learning spaces
  • a health centre
  • a unique creative outdoor play area on split levels with a bicycle track

What curriculum do you follow?

At DBF, we offer an enriched EYFS programme from the National Curriculum for England, designed to meet the unique and diverse educational and developmental needs of Dubai’s international and multi-cultural student population. The National Curriculum for England is divided into ‘Key Stages’, with The Early Years Foundation Stage followed by Key Stages 1 and 2.

How large are the classes in your school?

20 children per class in FS1 (teacher/pupil ratio1:10) and 24 children per class in FS2 (teacher/pupil ratio 1:12).

What links do you have with other schools?

Dubai British Foundation (DBF) is the feeder school to Taaleem’s Dubai British School Jumeirah Park (DBSJP). DBSJP offers The National Curriculum for England for Years 1 to 13. DBF students automatically enter Year 1 after graduating from FS2 at DBF.

"An important school aim is to encourage children to enjoy and appreciate a variety of languages from an early age."

What is the background of your teaching staff?

Our highly qualified and passionate faculty and support staff come from a diverse pool of nationalities from all over the world, with the majority of teachers coming from the United Kingdom. All teachers are native speakers of English.

We are committed to recruiting the best-qualified teachers and support staff with relevant international experience and proven performance.

What is your homework policy?

We have no formal homework at DBF.

How do you support pupils who are struggling, and how do you challenge the more able?

We support all children through careful assessment. The teachers know the areas of strength and the areas for development of every child and with the help of the Teaching Assistant will differentiate the learning programme to suit all student abilities.

What is your approach to languages in the school?

Cultural awareness and true internationalism are vital for today’s children to aid development of effective communication tools. At DBF our language of instruction is English, plus exposure to Arabic. An important school aim is to encourage children to enjoy and appreciate a variety of languages from an early age.

"Music is used to enhance all aspects of learning..."

How can parents get involved?

Parents can become class representatives or be part of the PFA. Volunteering help in class is also appreciated.

How often do parents receive written reports?

Formal feedback is given every term either by a written report, parent-teacher consultations or both.

What extra-curricular activities do you offer in school?

ECAs offered by our team include: Learning through play workshops, parachute games, music express, yoga, stories from around the world and art.

Ballet, tap dance and football are offered by external providers and incur charges.

How important is music in your school?

Music is very important at DBF. As we deliver high-quality Early Years provision with confidence and pride, music is used to enhance all aspects of learning. Immersed in a language-rich environment with a special focus upon singing to promote effective language acquisition, our students make rapid progress and end FS2 extremely well prepared for the transition to Year One.

Do you have a swimming pool on site?

Yes, we have an outdoor, fully shaded swimming pool.

Language acquisition....

Language acquisition....

...and play.

...and play.

Does the school provide after-school care or a homework club?

Not in the traditional sense but we are offering Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) conducted by our teaching staff at no additional cost. ECAs offered by an external provider are at an additional cost.

Is there a school bus service?

DBF does not provide school bus transportation.

Do you have a cafeteria?

No, we do not have dining facilities at DBF. All children have their lunch and snack in the classroom.

Do you have a wide range of food options?

We offer high quality, healthy packed lunches for students in partnership with the Gary Rhodes Lunch Box Programme at an additional cost. The non-vegetarian or vegetarian menu runs on a four-week cycle with no repeated items.

Parents are also welcome to provide their children with lunch boxes containing healthy snacks, lunches and beverages.

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