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Q+A: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur

Q+A: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur

Mont’Kiara International School (M’KIS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is an IB World School for students aged three to 17. Here the school answers our questions and takes Winter's readers on a guided tour…

What happens when parents visit the school?

Parents are taken on a private tour of the school. As far as possible, they will be taken into classrooms that are relevant to their children. Parents will also be provided with a comprehensive admissions pack and a photograph in order to remember their M’KIS visit. If tours are pre-booked, meetings with relevant faculty staff can be arranged.

What do you do to help children settle in?

In elementary and middle school we assign a buddy to the students. We have counselors in elementary, middle and high school to assist students. At the beginning of the year, we hold 'new student' orientation sessions for all new families.

How old is the school?

M’KIS was opened in 1994.

How many students do you have?

We currently have 650 students.

What accreditations do you have?

  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Authorised IB World School
  • Certified by Malaysia Qualifications Agency
  • Licensed by Ministry of Education Malaysia


What facilities do you offer?

Our facilities include: multiple art and music rooms, 25m swimming pool, two climbing walls, dance studio, large gymnasium, small gymnasium, multipurpose hall, 440-seat auditorium, large sports field, small sports field, a weights/exercise room, three computer labs, large library, three kids' play areas and a college resource centre.

Why should I send my child to your school?

M’KIS is a truly international school with over 54 nationalities represented. It has been rated as a 5-Star School by the Malaysia Ministry of Education and is academically strong, with foundations in the North American Curriculum, and an IB World School since 2000.

The school is community driven and focused, provides a nurturing environment and has a globally experienced and dedicated college counselor. It is a single-campus, all-inclusive school from KP to grade 12.

Over 300 universities from around the world visit the school every year. 100% of graduating students are accepted into college or university and we have a 100% pass rate for the IB Diploma. It invests in the future of education, is driven by our mission and vision and recruits only the best faculty staff.

What curriculum do you follow?

  • North American Curriculum
  • IB Diploma Programme
  • Candidate school for IB Primary and Middle Years Programmes


How have you adapted the curriculum to suit your location/country?

We have a Malaysia Studies program which is introduced from kindergarten.

How have your pupils performed in examinations in recent years?

We had a 100% pass rate in our IB Diploma in 2017.

How large are the classes in your school?

We keep classes small. Our average class size is 12–14 students.

What is the background of your teaching staff?

All teachers have university degrees, with the majority having post-graduate qualifications as well.

How can you ensure continuity if my child moves between countries?

We are in the process of becoming an IB Continuum school, when students will be able to move easily between IB schools around the world.

Do you offer a wide range of field trips?

Up to grade 4, the students take part in day trips. From grade 5 there is the opportunity to go on overnight trips. 

Our ‘Explore Malaysia’ residential trips are for grades 6 to 12. These range from three to six nights' duration. 

Do you do much work in the community?

We are very active in the community. Our students and faculty are heavily involved in multiple projects throughout the year.

How are pupils with English as an additional language supported?

We have EAL support from grades 1 through 10.

What languages do you offer?

We teach French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Do you have a mother-tongue program?

Over and above Spanish, French, and Mandarin, we host both the Dutch and Swedish schools on our campus.

How can parents get involved?

We have a very active Parents Association which encourages all new parents to join. Each class up to grade 5 also has a ‘class parent’. There is never a shortage of things for parents to get involved in.

How often are parents invited to attend assemblies?

Parents are invited to attend assemblies regularly throughout the year.

Do parents come in and help with reading?

Yes, they are encouraged to.

What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities. A sample list of these activities can be found on our website.

How important is music and the arts in your school?

Very! We have a large and active music and arts department.

Do you have an annual production?

Yes, we have one large production and multiple smaller productions.

Do students have the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations?

Yes, we are very active in MUN. Our students travel to many international events including at The Hague. We also hold the annual MYMUN (Malaysia Model United Nations) events at M’KIS.

Does the school provide after-school care or a homework club?

Our library is open to students throughout the year. We also run after-school programs periodically for different age levels.

How do most children travel to school?

Most children walk or ride bikes to school. We do, however, have a bus service if required.

Does your cafeteria have a wide range of food options?

Yes, it provides a wide range of choices and caters for halal and vegetarian.

Do most children bring in packed lunches or eat from the cafeteria?

Most children get their lunch from the cafeteria.

How do you cater for children with special dietary requirements?

We have nut-free tables, and special requirements are registered with school nurses and classroom teachers. In some cases, meals any need to be provided by the parents.

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