As students across the globe celebrate their A Level results, Winter’s Head of International Education Carolyn Savage reflects on receiving her own results and offers her congratulations to our member schools.

graduation day

Congratulations to all this year's school leavers!

The day I received my exam results and found out whether I’d be accepted at my first choice of university will be etched into my memory forever. The weather was balmy, the sea was calm, and hundreds of jellyfish were floating past the boat. I was sailing in the Baltic Sea, somewhere off the Danish coastline, long before the age of mobile phones or the internet.

I felt sick. Excited. Anxious. But most of all, mortified that I was going to have to use a public channel on my father’s VHF Radio to contact the nearest shore station and ask them to connect me to the telephone network and then to my school office. It was bad enough that my entire family would hear the results at the same time as me, but the idea of broadcasting them across a radio network for everyone in the region who happened to be tuned in, was a little disconcerting, to say the least. Luckily, I made the grade.

Even if it’s unlikely that any student will have this same problem today, the moment when you collect your results will always be intensely memorable, and probably quite traumatic. Last month saw almost 150,000 IB graduates celebrate their hard-earned success, in both the Diploma and Career-related Programmes. They joined a total of almost 1.5 million other IB graduates from 136 different countries. I’d like to offer further congratulations to the 146 students who received a perfect score - a phenomenal achievement!

Today marked the release of this year’s AS and A Level results. After waiting for what may have felt like an eternity, we saw students around the world celebrating the culmination of their hard work and dedication. Although a new curriculum was introduced for AS Levels this year, leading to some trepidation in schools, the smiles seen today are a testament to the tremendous hard work of students and teachers.

We would like to congratulate all the schools in the Winter’s family and wish this year’s school leavers every success in their future endeavours.


Carolyn Savage - Head of International Education