International Education consultant Elaine Stallard founded Winter’s International School Finder in 2015 after discovering their was no single, authoritative online resource for parents looking to move their child to an English speaking school abroad.

Elaine Stallard portrait

Many overseas deployments fail because of problems finding suitable education for children in a new country. Moving abroad is a difficult time anyway, but having to search online for schools and organise applications without the right support and information adds needlessly to the stress.

As an expert in the International Education field, Elaine was surprised that there was no ‘one stop shop’ for those anxious parents looking to place their children in an unknown school in an unknown country.

Winter’s has been designed to meet the needs of parents in three ways:

  • By providing a searchable map showing key information for every English-speaking International School in the world.
  • By allowing parents to contact schools in a secure environment providing key information about their child.
  • By providing a wealth of supporting content for parents, giving them a wide range of information and advice about international education.

With an intimate knowledge of the education sector, having worked to help establish Sherborne School in Qatar and acted as a consultant for schools in China and South East Asia, Elaine knows that Winter’s is the tool that parents need when looking for schools overseas.

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