The parent dashboard plays an essential role in your Winter's school search.


For parents the dashboard is a key part of the Winter’s toolkit, helping to make that search for the right school a little easier. Our aim is to give you a simple, clear way to compare schools, and all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Once you’ve registered, a dashboard is created where you’ll find all your favourite schools and your school enquiries in one place.

The first step is to create a child passport. More information on this can be found here in our child passport guide.

The child passport can be used to send an enquiry to any Winter’s member school. All of your enquiries to different schools will be available within your dashboard beneath each child passport. It's then up to the school itself to contact you, to advise you on the next steps in the application process, or to arrange a meeting.

In the school search facility, you can look broadly across entire regions or cities, or you can focus in to narrow your selection. You can record your thinking by adding schools you like as Favourites, and then a list of these schools can be found under the ‘Favourites’ tab of your dashboard.

You can register on Winter’s and find out more about the child passport here.


Sophie Lorford - International Marketing Executive