Some quick tips and tricks to get you started on Twitter...

Twitter should be a big part of every school’s digital marketing and outreach to parents. A Twitter account will help you to connect to parents with ease on a platform that they already use regularly. A study conducted in 2014 by Pew Internet suggested that 91% of parents use the internet and that 83% of parents use social media. The study also found that 36% of parents use Twitter on a daily basis. Source Much of Twitter’s popularity comes from its concise nature, as all tweets are confined to 140 characters, enabling you to post small bits of information that will quickly grab people’s attention.

A great feature of Twitter that makes it different to other social media platforms is hashtags. ‘Hashtagging’ gives your posts a wider reach, meaning more people will see your content and the tweets that you post. Popular hashtags for schools and the education sector include: #international, #education and #learning.

So how do you use hashtags? There are a couple of easy ways to add hashtags to your tweets. You can either add hashtags to words or phrases that are already in your sentence, such as this: “An emotional day at @Myschool watching our Year 11 pupils #graduate today!” Or you could put a relevant hashtag at the end of your sentence, like this: “An emotional day at @Myschool watching our Year 11 pupils graduate today! #graduation #education”

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Sophie Lorford - International Marketing Executive