In January of 2016, the GIVE Initiative submitted its application to be a part of the “Adopt A School” project with Dubai Cares. Innoventures Education will be sponsoring the construction of primary schools in western Nepal starting from November 2016. The schools will aim to cater to the less fortunate communities of the region and will provide a safe, durable and comfortable learning environment for over 100 students each and countless adults of the nearby villages.

The great benefit of these schools is that they will be even able to host lessons during monsoon season and also at night, this was not possible in the past. Already three schools have been signed-off. Our first cohort of student builders and teachers will visit Nepal in November to break ground and begin construction of the foundations of our first school. They will be supported by Buildon, an American philanthropic organisation that has helped to construct schools in third world regions for the last 25 years. While there, our students and teachers will live with the communities they are helping and will get a chance to see where all our funds are going. They will be our pioneers in this venture! This expedition group consists of 8 students from Dubai International Academy (DIA), 2 students from Raffles World Academy (RWA), 1 student from Raffles International School (RIS) and 3 teachers. Our teacher chaperones are Mr Jennings (RWA), Ms Turnbull (RIS) and Ms Wojtowicz (DIA). We have already submitted the necessary funds to sponsor a third school and we hope to send a second cohort of students to emulate what our first cohort is doing come November 2017. As you can see, this is a long term philanthropic project that Innoventures Education is a part of. We are essentially adopting a community and year after year improving their quality of life. Our yearly trips to the region will give our students a front seat for them to see how big a difference we are all making together. All schools and nurseries will be fundraising with this great project in mind from now on and it is our wish that we can sponsor one school every year indefinitely.