SchoolsCompared has published its review of Best Schools for Performing Arts which says: 'We believe that Cranleigh Abu Dhabi has opened a door through which other schools and students will seek to follow and created an opportunity for the Performing Arts within the Education sector to achieve the recognition and value they merit.'

The piece also says: 'Ultimately, though, there is only one UAE school that the SchoolsCompared team stood out for its culture awareness, ambition, determination, enthusiasm and skill to create something quite extraordinary in its first years in Abu Dhabi. The collaboration between Narjes Noureddine and the Royal Opera House Youth Opera, together with Cranleigh’s own performing arts faculty and 80 students was extraordinary. Together, they devised, shaped and staged a unique production where everything, from set design to costumes, and dance choreography to musical libretto, was created by the students themselves, in less than five days.' The full article can be read at: