Cranleigh Enrichment Pupils will exhibit the results of a year-long investigative research project at the school’s first Scholars’ Showcase on June 15th 2016. The event will highlight the academic best of Cranleigh, allowing gifted pupils to demonstrate how they have used their ingenuity to explore a topic that fascinates them.

The theme this year was: Innovation – How can we face the challenges of our time and what innovations can offer solutions? Research topics range from string theory to quantum encryption and from epidemiology to the preservation of coral reefs. Pupils will present online gaming code they created, experiments they developed and expert interviews they conducted. Judges for the June 15th showcase include Dr Hector Hernandez from the Masdar Institute and Dr Samer Madanat, Dean of Engineering from NYUAD, a representative from the Oxford and Cambridge Society UAE and Cranleigh Heads. Enrichment Pupils are competing for bronze, silver and gold at the Scholars’ Showcase. The evening will end in an Awards Ceremony where Cranleigh will also recognise pupils’ exceptional results in extracurricular competitions like the Change the World Model United Nations, World Scholars Cup and the Abu Dhabi Speech Competition. Cranleigh’s Enrichment Programme offers year-round challenge for pupils. Quite apart from the obvious intellectual, communication and critical thinking aspects of this programme, Cranleigh has given pupils an opportunity to build up a portfolio of work that represents the highest level of academic success and skills. Enrichment pupil Rahzadie Jones commented: “Through our Enrichment this year, I have delved into topics outside the curriculum and obtained a deeper knowledge. This not only expanded my world view but also taught me the power of empathy.” Head of Scholars, Mrs Morgan Whitfield Carney, said: “Our scholars are outstanding in every regard. Their work has been inspiring. Their innovation gives us strong hope that when pupils of today take on leadership roles of tomorrow, they will confront world problems with imaginative and impactful solutions."