Year 9s spent this week working on an entrepreneurship project based on the TV show Dragons' Den. They worked in groups to develop and market bath soups. Each group was given a target audience, for example cat lovers, teens, old people, sports enthusiasts etc.

This report was written by one of the Year 9 teams: 'In each lesson we did something different. We developed the product in Science; in Maths we worked on the finance side of things; in Design Technology we made our packaging; in English we wrote advertisements; in Drama we worked on our TV adverts. Finally, in Music, we devised the catchy jingle that we still can’t get out of our heads! When someone was stuck, we all knew we could rely on someone else to give us push, even someone from a different group. It was nice to see everyone working together. As the end of the week approached, everyone was scrambling to perfect their presentation and fine tune their jingles for the big day - the day when we met 'The Dragons'. A big thank you to the English department for organising such a stimulating week, and to all the teachers for their support and enthusiasm, as well as, of course, the terrifying judges: Miss Harding (Business), Mr Henwood (Maths), Mrs Andrews (English)'.