Debating, alpacas, moonshots, alpacas, conspiracy theories, Kasack dancing, alpacas, time travel, Ed Sheeran, mythologies, more alpacas and lots and lots of medals…it can be tricky to explain World Scholars Cup to someone who has never witnessed it! A far cry from conventional academic competitions, World Scholars Cup is as much about having fun as it is about learning and there are times when it feels more akin to being at a pop concert or in Hamleys Toy Store.

Behind its whimsical façade, however, World Scholars Cup is a highly challenging two day competition. Pupils are expected to have researched a staggeringly diverse syllabus on subjects ranging from the Space Race, the physics of rockets and moonshots expounded by Google X to the Watergate Scandal, historical assassinations and the Newburgh Conspiracy; all while analysing pieces of art, music and literature from authors as varied as Shakespeare, Douglas Adams and Emily Dickenson, to name but a few. If learning all of this isn’t enough, teams then have to demonstrate their knowledge and skills across a range of events, such as debating, collaborative writing and quizzes. Our wonderful pupils exceeded all expectations, coming away with over 100 medals between them.