All year the Enrichment pupils have been pursuing a long term independent Project for the Scholars Showcase. These projects will then be presented to the Cranleigh Community on June 7th 2017, between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

The projects can cover any subject and topic of interest a pupil wishes to pursue. This is a challenge- asking students to show off and demonstrate their ingenuity while giving them an opportunity to take on the investigation of a topic that fascinates them. The theme is Innovation. As we begin to face up to the multiple economic, environmental and social challenges of our time, what innovations will offer solutions at the speed and scale required? How can we be creative? How can innovation break down barriers to inequality and change the world? Topics that students have decided to pursue this year range from robotic surgery to the war on drugs, from the future of automation, to exploration of the Mariana Trench.