Cranleigh Abu Dhabi has announced a new scholarship programme designed to broaden access to its holistic and enriching educational model, as well as to attract and support talented students who show passion for and potential in their chosen field. As well as Academic awards, scholarships will be offered in: Sports, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. The programme is open to pupils entering Year 7 and above in September 2017.

Selection criteria will vary depending on the award but in all cases, the school will be looking for strong evidence of achievement and potential. Headmaster, Brendan Law, says: “Candidates will be expected to already be performing at a high level and, on top of that, we are particularly looking for children who demonstrate an independence of thought, a real love for their area of excellence and a desire to grow and develop. “Scholarship programmes are an important part of the independent school model, bringing benefits on a number of levels,” he explains. “At an individual level, scholars are typically offered opportunities to get involved in additional, prestigious activities that stretch and extend them. And of course, awards can add weight to university applications. For the student body, scholars act as role models and peer group leaders, demonstrating how potential can be realised and what can be achieved through commitment and determination. For the school as a whole, scholars add an energy and vibrancy that further add to the community spirit, diversity and excellence. “Importantly, by introducing a scholarship programme that carries fee remission, we can now ensure more children have the opportunity to benefit from the calibre and breadth of education offered here at Cranleigh.”