Seminar on applying to universities in the US and UK. Book a place at: This event is aimed at pupils in Year 9 and above, and their families. It will be led by Fiona McKenzie of Gabbitas Education and Peter Davos of Hale Education who will answer questions on: • How to choose a university • What makes a successful candidate • How to choose between the UK and the US • UK and US admissions process

Gabbitas Education - Gabbitas Education Consultants Middle East are the global experts in education. Established in 1873,we specialise in helping families understand the regional and international education landscape, to choose the right pathway to support their child’s needs and aspirations. We provide un-biased advice, and go above and beyond to tailor your child’s education experience to suit their interests and talents. We work to profile children at every age and stage, to choose the most appropriate school, course or university for them. Hale Education - Hale Education are the leading independent educational consulting firm in the GCC and provide mentoring and admissions counseling to international students seeking admission to the full spectrum of US universities and colleges. Our innovative model has evolved from our deep background and broad experience in the industry. We provide intensive one-on-one counseling and guidance to students in every aspect of US college admissions, based on the philosophy of finding the right “fit.”