Year 7 and 8 pupils displayed a mature and thoughtful approach to their House debating topics this week, which were linked to the refugee crisis.

First up was Al Sharaf, proposing the motion that “The world should do more to support refugees”, whereas Sadeeq had the arguably more difficult task of opposing by insisting that enough is already being done and it is actually very difficult for countries to do even more. A lot of points naturally referenced events in Syria, raising awareness of the plight of the people, whilst engaging students in the complexities of solving world problems. Following on from this, Zaeem proposed the motion that, “The Government of every country has the right to decide who to let in”. They were opposed by Etihad who argued that this should not be the case. Points revolved around comments made by Donald Trump and even Pope Francis I in favour of this notion, compared with the thoughts of philosophers such as Rousseau who preferred individual freedom over closed borders. World Scholars Cup experience was evident amongst many of the speakers, ensuring a high quality level of debate. Nevertheless, a special mention should go to Izzah Abbas in Year 8, who was selected as the stand out debater, despite not having competed publically before. She helped her House, Zaeem claim the overall team prize, with Al Sharaf just beaten into second place on points.