Being healthy and active is a crucial part of every childhood, and while many kids thrive taking part in competitive games, there are just as many who don’t think sport is for them. Harrow Bangkok’s Director of Sport explains how every child can excel athletically.

It’s important to remember that ‘sport’ is anything that’s active, and finding the right sport keeps students who don’t enjoy team games to stay fit and healthy. What we aim to do is get rid of the fear of failure which holds back a lot of children. We say, try it out, you don’t have to be an expert but we do encourage you to try new things. Our philosophy is that ‘sport is for all’ and our Running Club exemplifies that – it’s hugely popular and very accessible, anyone can do it. Students enjoy it as much for their well being as much as running competitively. In the last couple of years, we’re increasingly focusing on providing sports for all – which is the philosophy of the Sports Academies. Academies are not solely competitive, they take a pyramid format from foundation level which everyone can access, onto development level where you can still choose not to compete, and onto elite level for those students who wish to compete regularly – at this level the coaching ratios are much lower. We have Academies for football, swimming, gymnastics, tennis and golf. We are different from other schools as we have year-round programmes through the Academies, which means we can put on training all year round, run by full-time in-house staff so we can assure the quality of coaching. Our students are trained in a fun, safe environment which is so important to us. If your child really thrives at an Academy sport, they could consider boarding with us as our boarding students can join the Academies free of charge – this gives them 24/7 access to the Academy training as well as support for nutritional well being and strength and conditioning, which really gives them the edge to achieve their best.