In 2016, we had 15 AP Scholars, Scholars with Honors, and Scholars with Distinction, with the most being in the highest category.

July 4, 2009, a day I will always remember. Pacing, wringing hands, waiting for the news. It had been nine very long months. The labor is now over, if only someone would hurry and let me know the news! The news finally came...from the College Board. I was a proud teacher of my litter, 15 successful students. That day in July I proudly wore my teacher hat. Nine months of teaching AP Psychology made me so proud of my students. It is not the fireworks, hotdogs and potato salad that I remember from that 4th of July, it is the results of my first AP class-stellar. They did really well. To this day our students continue to do well. Our students, your sons and daughters, continually shine and amaze me. Between Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Chinese, Spanish, Economics, European History, US History, World History, Psychology, Literature, Music Theory, and more, our students perform very well. Their teachers deserve praise too. Teaching an AP course is an extra challenge and responsibility. Parents deserve kudos too. As a parent who has supported my own kids through 10 AP courses, I know parents play a role in supporting, encouraging, doing their household chores so they can study, and, of course, praying for them. So, as I report our results, let's rejoice as a community.