4 reasons why ICS is an Advanced Placement school and why that matters.

ICS has developed programs that are similar to the IB requirement of an extended essay (senior thesis), community service (internationally and locally), and a biblical worldview class that examines the idea of "knowing" from a biblical perspective from a teacher who is a committed Christian. Frankly, we believe ICS's approach to these three areas of our students' education is fundamentally better than what the IB program provides because of the broad and biblical worldview perspective ICS offers, and because of teachers who are committed to modeling Christ to students, not just teaching material. ICS has not developed these programs to be like IB. Instead, ICS chooses to challenge students and give them an opportunity to demonstrate learning in authentic ways (senior thesis), model Christ through service (WWoW and local community service-regular, relational, and redemptive) and challenge its students to think seriously about truth and knowing while they are still under the watchful and wise guidance of parents, extended family, and a caring faculty and staff. Yet another difference that speaks to the AP program's flexibility is that students who are in grade 10 (as opposed to grade 11 for IB) are allowed to take college level courses, if they have convinced the faculty and administration that they are intellectually and social-emotionally prepared for the challenge of college material. Both programs provide an opportunity for students to deeply understand the content of the subjects they choose to study. Both programs deserve praise for bringing the best out in students through their wide variety of courses that strive to provide a solid foundation for college and the exciting and challenging world that they will soon encounter.