BIS (British International Schools) magazine has awarded the “IT Initiative” award to King's Group’s British international schools, for their “contribution to pupil learning as well as the improvement in the effective running of the school”.

Last week, the prestigious magazine BIS (British International Schools) presented the BISA 2017 awards to different educational projects to recognise excellence in British schools overseas. King's College schools were awarded a trophy in the category of “IT Initiative”, in recognition of the technology-based project undertaken in their classrooms for the past 2 years. The eLearning programme at King’s College was designed with the main goal of making students “producers and not mere consumers of technology”, explains Carlos Lázaro, Director of eLearning at King's Group. To this end, in addition to providing students with their own Chromebook (Google personal computer), the programme involved different platforms and technological applications that were implemented in all schools within the Group in order to facilitate creativity, participation, communication and collaborative work. After starting an initial pilot phase that took place in King's College Alicante, the eLearning project was implemented in the rest of the Group's schools at an international level (Spain, United Kingdom and Panama). Today, the programme reaches more than 3,500 students (between 11 and 16 years old) and about 700 teachers, who receive continuous training about the most innovative technological tools available for teaching, school management and education. BIS magazine awarded King’s College schools’ the trophy for their eLearning project thanks to their “contribution to pupil learning as well as the improvement in the effective running of the schools” and emphasised their capacity to implement the programme in 7 schools worldwide to date.