Over 200 students from King’s College schools in Madrid will take part in a challenging “Walk for Water”

Students from King's College and King's College School, both in Madrid, will partake in the "Walk for Water" by carrying 4 to 5 litres of water on their backs for a distance of 6km. The pupils will do this to emulate the millions of children who are forced to do the same journey every day in developing countries. “Walk for Water" is a movement that every year calls for walks in different parts of the world. The purpose is to make society aware of the dramatic situation in which nearly 750 million people around the world find themselves in; the constant struggle living live without access to safe drinking water. Along with the walk, King's College students will raise funds for Amigos de Nyumbani, a Charity that works in a particularly dry and arid village in eastern Kenya. This Friday 24th March, a group of students from King’s College Madrid (Tres Cantos) and King’s College School (La Moraleja) will complete the “Walk for Water”, taking part in a movement that, every year, calls for walks in different parts of the world to commemorate World Water Day (22nd March). According to UNICEF, 6 km is the average distance that millions of women and children are forced to walk every day just to get water, even though in many cases it is not potable. “We believe that it is important and very positive that children experience first-hand the dramatic situation facing 750 million people who do not have access to safe drinking water” explains Sally-Anne Banks, a teacher at King's College.