After having recently proudly shared the outstanding university acceptances received by the KIS graduating class of 2016, we are once again delighted to place our students in the spotlight, sharing their results on the International Baccalaureate Diploma exams.

The class of 2016 continued the excellent academic results that KIS is known for. Our 32 graduating students ALL participated in the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme and ALL of them passed, receiving the prestigious IB Diploma. This 100 percent pass rate is significantly higher than the IB average pass rate worldwide this year of 81%. As in previous years, the average score that KIS students were awarded well exceeded the world average score. The average of our KIS students was 34 points, compared to the world average of 30 points. This has placed the school in the top 25% of the world for the last 5 years. Another notable achievement is that 60% of our students achieved a bilingual diploma, compared to 29 percent globally. This is a testimony to the strong languages programme at KIS. This year 4 of our 32 students scored 41 points or more, putting them in the top 3% of all students, with two of these scoring a 43 and 44 (just one point away from a perfect score), putting them both in the top 1% globally. The graduates have now moved on to the next chapter in their lives, heading off to great universities all around the world to study in the fields of Marine Biology, Business, Economics, Psychology, Architecture, Aeronautical Engineering, Medicine and many more. Our students received offers from 140 universities including: Imperial College London, Durham University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon University, National University of Singapore and Hong Kong University. We wish the class of 2016 success for the next chapter of their lives and encourage them to inspire and be inspired. To be a part of KIS’ success stories, please contact