KSI Montenegro are offering a unique scholarship programme open to UK residents aged 14 - 15 years. They are attracting high achieving students that would like the opportunity to study abroad in Montenegro and complete the International Baccalaureate Programme commencing in September 2017.

To apply for the KSI Scholarship Programme students must be students aged 14 - 15 years in September 2017. Students will study the IB curriculum entering into the IB Middle Years Programme, they will then continue on to complete the IB Diploma Programme. This is a great opportunity for students to study abroad. KSI Montenegro is a well established school known for its high quality education and its prestigious IB programme. The scholarship students will be residing in the schools boarding house, giving students’ confidence as they gain independence living out of home. More information. https://www.knightsbridgeschools.com/content/ksi-montenegro-scholarship-challenge-201718 https://www.ksi-montenegro.com/admissions/scholarships