We are proud and delighted to announce that one of our students has been awarded a scholarship from the American Embassy to participate in a programme named Education USA Academy. Only open to international students, who are non-native speakers, this 4-week long programme helps 15-17 year olds to refine their English language skills within US colleges. It is excellent preparation for university. We interviewed our student to find out more:

Apart from improving your English skills, what is the most valuable thing you brought with you after those four weeks overseas? Honestly I think the answer to that question is experience. This program was one of the best things that happened to me! Besides improving my English as you said, I met so many different people from all over the world, visited gorgeous places, and became even more independent. I also got to experience being a college student and living on a big campus because in US college campuses are like small cities inside the city. Even more importantly, these 4 weeks contributed a lot to my decision of what I want to study in college. I could go on forever because this was really an awesome experience which I will always remember. What are your plans for the future? Thanks to this program I got to visit University of Rochester and I loved it so much that I am currently in the process of applying to it! I want to study languages, specifically I want to major in Russian and Spanish. When I left for the US I was sure I wanted to study business or hospitality in a nearby country because I thought getting into a college in the US is out of reach. However, this program is what made me change my mind as I realized that it is not impossible to get into a college there as long as you work hard and stay motivated.