We first had a chance to take a look at our competitors. I had expected the competition to be a much grittier, intense event but it wasn’t quite so and I managed to start relaxing. The quick-paced Yuki and Eugene dominated most of the questions in each round, but within that some of us managed to find a few footholds here and there to add a couple more points to our score.

As the event came to a close, Saint Maur took the lead and by the end of the competition, the standings were in our favor; the scoreboard, now full with points for each school, showed Saint Maur in the lead, and we were quite confident in our victory. After the all-star awards were given out, with Yuki and Eugene holding the top two spots, we were even more sure of winning and that was cemented with the presentation of ASIJ in second place. Thus, the Saint Maur Brain Bowl team was able to secure their second consecutive victory of the KPASSP Brain Bowl competition with the combined (albeit unbalanced) contributions of the team. Everyone was smiling and proud as we stood up on the podium and had our group photo taken, happy that our efforts had paid off and brought the title to our school again. Everyone was mentally exhausted, but it was a good sort of tiredness that we felt as we arrived back at Yokohama, the skies already darkening and signalling the dusk of our long day. The success of this year sits along the ones of previous years, perhaps telling of the dawn of what Mr. Scoggins so craftily described as “a new dynasty,” and giving hopes of next year’s Brain Bowl team and competition. By Lynn S-H (Grade 11)