On February 7th, the Year 12s had the opportunity to attend a session by a representative of the Oxford Study Courses, Joyce Halsey. During this workshop the speaker explained different study methods and ways of revising. She captivated us by using real life examples, statistics and visual aids such as graphs.

he made her presentation very engaging and pointed out exactly what we did wrong and how to improve it, especially regarding time management. One example was how we should study intensively for 20 minutes and take short 5 minute breaks in between for ultimate efficiency. She also made the presentation very approachable by referring to topics that we relate to in our daily lives as teenagers such as sleep deprivation, procrastination and turning our phones off. At the end Joyce introduced us to the Oxford Study Courses and revision summer / Easter programmes which opened our minds to new possibilities. We speak on behalf of all Year 12 St. Julian's students when we say that we are extremely thankful for the help and tips that we were given to help us in the rest of our academic lives. They will prove their worth especially in the next one and a half years of IB. Thank you, OSC, for the calendars to help plan/manage our time!