Bubbles' Gymnastics classes are designed for kids to participate in basic gymnastics without their parents, while interacting with other children and a coach. At this level the students learn educational gymnastics, structure and discipline. This will develop their gross motor skills like jumping, hopping, balancing and learning how to land safely./ Co-ordination and confidence are built in a fun filled positive atmosphere.

Held off-site at the Grandstand (Turf City). The children are escorted to Bubbles Gym by SAA staff. Fees: $250 per 10 week term (incl GST) There is a deposit of $100, which is fuully refundable on four term weeks' written (email) notice of withdrawal to saa@swallowsandamazons.com.sg Minimum number of participants - 7 Open to all SAA registered students (3 years and above, including those who do not normally attend school on Friday afternoons.