Liz and Matt Overbeck, American Nationals, parents to Luke (4) and Samuel (9 months), talk about their experiences of moving to Singapore.

Our son Luke has been attending Swallows and Amazons since we we arrived in Singapore slightly over a year ago. We were initially drawn to the school because of it's small size and nurturing environment. its play based approach appealed to us, as we really wanted our son to have fun in preschool. What we weren't prepared for was how effective this learning approach would be - we gave been absolutely astounded by Luke's academic growth since joining Swallows and Amazons. The school goes above and beyond when it comes to pre-reading and reading skills, as well as Mathematics. In addition, the Mandarin immersion programme is fantastic - Luke attends it two afternoons a week. Apart from all that, the school places importance on the EQ side of things; good manners, social skills and kindness are not things you only read about in the brochures - these values radiate throughout the school as soon as you step in. The array of extracurricular activities at and around The Grandstand area is also a great plus. Kids can choose to stay an hour longer each day for activities like soccer, tennis and swimming. Lastly, we like how the experienced teachers make the effort to understand every kid, and keep the parents updated about their child's progress by means of weekly newsletters. I would absolutley recommend this school to other families, especially those who are looking for a smaller preschool.