Kindermusik - A good beginning never ends ABC Music & Me is fun but not a free concert with a music teacher. Each week a trained expert in music and child development provides an interactive learning experience for 2 to 6 year old children. After 4 lessons you'll notice the difference when classroom behaviour and listening skills improve - not just in your ABC Music & Me class but all through the day.

In order to keep parents connected to the classroom, each term, parents receive a new ABC Music & Me kit that includes a CD, a new Family Activity Guide, and a new instrument every other month. With these materials, parents don't miss a thing - it's like being right there in the class, as well as provide parents with a unique insight and information on how a child learns. Open to all SAA registered students (2 years old and above), including those who do not normally attend school on Wednesday afternoons. Minimum number of participants - 6