Due to parent demand, we have opened our Infant Care Programme called Little Swallows. It will be for a maximumm of 6 infants aged between 12 months and 17 months. Sessions run from 1pm - 4pm in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and Parents can choose from 2 sessions to 5 sessions per week. In the month the child turns 18 months, they would move seamlessly into the main Swallows and Amazons Pre-Nursery Programme. The flexibility of 2 sessions to 5 full days still remains.

In a nut shell, our focus is on the emotional development of the children. The learning will happen as children are ‘hard-wired’ to want to make sense of their environment. We take time to allow the children to learn and understand their feelings and how to act appropriately in a social environment. Strategies are given to the children to help them deal with their feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy, sharing when you don’t want to and so on. We want happy children who have daily achievable outcomes. At the same time reaching their learning objectives and goals of the curriculum. The curriculum will concentrate in fine and gross motor skills development, social and emotional awareness, music appreciation and sensory skills development.